How to enlarge your penis with baking soda: can it be done?

Many men are not happy with the size of their penis, so they try to find a method that will enlarge their penis. To this end, representatives of the stronger sex use a wide variety of recipes and methods, and some of them threaten health and lead to the development of incurable pathologies.

Among the recipes of traditional medicine, you can find such healing tools that are prepared from simple and affordable ingredients, but at the same time they show high efficiency and are completely safe. One of these is soda. This product is in every home, and its cost is penny.

Before enlarging your penis with soda, you should consider the important aspects and rules for using this substance.

soda for penis enlargement

Is baking soda effective for penis enlargement?

Many people are interested in the question, is it possible to enlarge the penis with the help of soda? Reasonably it is reasonable to answer only after you have analyzed the composition of this product.

Soda is often used in traditional medicine recipes, as it is an excellent medicine to fight inflammation and harmful microorganisms.

Do not think that when you use this substance, the penis will grow by leaps and bounds.

Studies have shown that baking soda increases efficiency when using other methods, i. e. it is advised to be used as an auxiliary element.

How to enlarge your penis with baking soda? The ability to change the size of the penis is due to the fact that the substance can penetrate smoothly into the tissues, and due to its unique action it dilutes the blood.

This feature makes the powder irreplaceable - it actively increases the size of the penis.

Penis enlargement with baking soda will not show normal results if you do not exercise or use special equipment.

It should be noted that this substance extremely protects the penis from various injuries and complications. Some exercises may increase the likelihood of blood clotting, but baking soda, due to its unique composition, can dilute the blood, which prevents the formation of blood clots.

baking soda recipes for penis enlargement

There are several options for enlarging the penis with baking soda, each with individual benefits and features.

Everyone chooses a specific type independently, and it is even better to combine them, but the main thing is not to exaggerate the set doses.

Those who know how to enlarge the penis with baking soda claim that the penis grows about 1 to 2 centimeters. Generally, this powder is used in the following forms:

  • used inside;
  • used as the main ingredient for the oil;
  • is an ingredient for making trays.

Better yet to visually see everything about penis enlargement with soda - video demonstrates the most important aspects of this procedure and talks about the basic rules:

Useful qualities of soda

For those who are not happy with the size of their penis, you need to learn how to enlarge the male penis with the help of soda, because this is one of the simplest and most affordable methods, for the implementation of which you need tospend a minimum of effort and financial resources.

Some are not even aware of the positive properties of soda, believing that it is used exclusively for baking. In fact, the medicinal properties of this product are legendary. In more detail, the substance helps in the following cases:

  • relieves excess weight;
  • eliminates burns;
  • copes with heartburn;
  • speeds up metabolism;
  • normalizes stomach acidity;
  • used for cosmetic purposes;
  • regulates the process of blood circulation;
  • with the help of soda, the penis expands.

Penis enlargement occurs due to the effect of dust on the circulatory system. Everyone knows that an erection is observed when the penis and its structural elements are filled with blood. Soda helps increase blood circulation, due to which cavernous bodies and sponges increase in size.

How can you enlarge your penis with baking soda?

the man is shy about the size of the penis

Before enlarging your penis with baking soda, you should consider some very important rules for using this substance. The most common method is massage. To achieve a positive result quickly and safely, you need to do the exercise correctly, otherwise there is a possibility of damaging the sensitive skin of the phallus. The procedure involves several stages:

  1. Preparatory. Before you enlarge your penis at home with soda, you need to prepare the body so that the skin becomes elastic and blood circulation increases. To do this, you need to get a towel - it is better to give preference to the softer version. Then you need to moisten it with warm water and wrap it around the penis, leave it for 2-3 minutes. The procedure is repeated several times - at least 3.
  2. Massage. Not everyone knows how to enlarge the penis with soda through massage, the main purpose of which is to stretch the organ. Between approaches, you should ensure a high quality restoration of correct blood circulation by performing light and light movements. When the penis is stretched, a large volume of blood mass enters it, after which, due to the gentle massage, it will be evenly distributed in all the veins. Soda should be applied directly during the massage. To do this, simply take a pinch of the substance in your hands and "stick" it literally to the surface of the penis. The procedure is somewhat similar to applying a cleanser.
  3. Recovery. Once the exercises to enlarge the penis with baking soda have been completed, normal body function should be restored. To do this, you just need to lie down and relax.

Experts recommend that before performing penis enlargement with soda, you should improve your mood and relax. Often, problems with the health of the reproductive system are of a psychological nature, so you need to prepare properly for a good result.

Sexologists argue that men should "fantasize" the missing centimeters in their head, this will allow them to quickly get rid of complexes.

Soda creams

To prepare a soda solution, you need to take 2 tbsp. spoons of the substance and mix thoroughly in 100-150 ml of warm water. In the resulting solution, moisten gauze or a small towel and apply this compress to the hip area. The size of the tissue should be such that it is possible to completely wrap the penis.

Penis enlargement with baking soda by means of lotions assumes daily use for 30 days. A procedure will not show any results, you should apply the method only in courses. To enhance the effect and positive effect on the body, you can add a little essential oil to the mixture.

The oil of cyparil, cardamom or any other "masculine" scented plant is perfect for these purposes. The aroma of essential oils allows you to relax and forget about pressing problems, and the gentle structure helps to warm the body and improve blood circulation.

After the procedure, you should lie down for a while, but it is even better to sleep in order to consolidate the result.

Baking soda can be used inside to increase the effectiveness of penis enlargement. It has a positive effect on the internal environment of the body, that is, it contributes to the regulation of the functioning of important organs and systems.

In some cases, the small size is due to the presence of concomitant diseases, of which the husband may not even know about it. They lead to decreased erection quality or even cause impotence.

Substance use will rid the body of toxins and toxins, which can lead to dangerous pathologies.

drinking soda inside to enlarge the penis

Before taking the substance, you should consult a specialist - a qualified doctor will tell you how you can enlarge your penis with baking soda and do it safely and as quickly as possible.

You should start in small doses - a quarter teaspoon twice a day. This is done between meals. Over time, the dose increases to 1 tbsp. spoon for reception.

To prevent various diseases and problems with the digestive system, it is necessary to use a soda solution - 1 teaspoon is added to 150 ml of water. A spoonful of powder. You should take the medicine in the morning before eating.

Of course, the direct use of soda will not change the size of the penis, but in any case it will have a positive effect on a man's health and his psycho-emotional state.

Baths are often used to enlarge the penis with soda - reviews show that this procedure has a high degree of effectiveness. To use this method, you need to add 100 grams of substance per liter of water.

Based on this proportion, the volume of the bath can be adjusted, you do not need to make the water too hot, the optimal choice would be 40-50 degrees. It is very important that the bath allows you to relax, it does not cause discomfort and even more painful sensations.

For this, the body should not be harmed.

soda bath for penis enlargement

The procedure shows the greatest efficiency shortly before the exercises, then the bath normalizes blood circulation in the penis and relaxes its tissues. The duration of the procedure is approximately 15 minutes.

It is necessary to apply these manipulations as often as possible within a month, but not more often than 2 times a day.

Men surveyed unanimously said that soda is a very reliable and safe substance for increasing male "dignity", which did not cause any complications during the course.

Security regulations

The male reproductive system is very sensitive to various negative manifestations, so it must be protected from pathogenic factors of the environment and the internal environment.

Despite the positive qualities of the product, this method can lead to serious consequences. To prevent this, it is necessary to follow a number of rules that will allow you to keep your health in order.

These include the following aspects:

  • if internal use is planned, you should be extremely careful, especially if there is any disease of the digestive system. If the stomach is acidic, then regular intake of the drug in large quantities provokes the development of gastritis or even ulcers;
  • you should consult your doctor in order for him to rule out the presence of an individual intolerance to this product;
  • in the presence of a disease such as diabetes mellitus, it is better to refrain from its use in any form, because the effect of its active ingredients is precisely on the circulatory organs;
  • it is forbidden if a person is diagnosed with a malignant formation, because the blood after several doses of the substance becomes more liquid, due to which the cancer cells spread more rapidly throughout the body;
  • you should refuse to use this medicine with low stomach acidity, as this is fraught with serious consequences;
  • some men suffer from increased skin sensitivity - the skin has increased dryness. This will cause serious irritation or even an inflammatory process, which is especially unacceptable in the reproductive system.

Importers It is important to remember that a positive result can only be achieved if the established rules are followed. In all methods of penis enlargement, regularity is of paramount importance. If you use an effective and safe method every day, then it will certainly work and add a few inches to the penis.


The use of the composition has a number of contraindications, which should be considered, especially in the presence of certain pathologies or chronic diseases. These contraindications include:

  • skin damage, the presence of rashes;
  • individual intolerance to the substance;
  • organ deformity as a result of a pathological process (in this case, it can not be done without consulting the attending physician).

In the presence of the above factors, the substance can not be taken externally and internally, and in the latter case, these contraindications include several others:

  • chronic gastritis or any other disease leading to a change in stomach acidity;
  • allergic reaction;
  • ulcerative formations.

It is strictly forbidden to use an expired product, so it should be checked before enlarging the penis with baking soda. Plus, you should refuse to use it even if the product has a normal shelf life, but the powder has changed its color to yellow, has a specific odor or any other deviation from the norm.

Now you know how soda affects penis enlargement. To achieve a positive result, you need to follow all the rules and recommendations, as well as perform the procedures regularly.

Importers it is important to remember about the contraindications and possible complications - they rarely occur, but still some men notice a deterioration in health.

To reduce the likelihood of this process, you should consult your doctor - he will not only perform a complete diagnosis of the body, but will also show you how to use baking soda to enlarge the penis.

Penis enlargement with baking soda: thoughts, recipes, how to use

Penis enlargement with baking soda is one of the methods used by men to thicken and prolong their dignity. Doctors and patients react differently to the use of this method. Is it possible and how to enlarge the penis with baking soda?

Benefits of using baking soda

Regarding penis enlargement, soda is beneficial in that it normalizes blood circulation in the genital area. Above all, the parameters of the penis during the period of arousal depend directly on the volume of filling the cavernous bodies with blood. The soda product allows you to increase blood flow to the reproductive organ.

In addition, baking soda has the following positive effects:

  1. Prevents an increase in overweight.
  2. Accelerates tissue healing.
  3. Relieves heartburn.
  4. Normalizes the metabolism of substances.

Thanks to this complex effect, soda is able to solve several problems at once. No wonder it is used to treat many diseases of the body.

using baking soda to enlarge the penis

Before you start using the method, it is imperative to perform a sensitivity test.

How to use soda for penis enlargement correctly?

Penis enlargement with baking soda at home is performed in different ways. Each of them is worth considering in more detail.

Oral intake

Soda penis enlargement is also performed with the help of taking the medicine inside. For this, a solution is prepared from half a teaspoon of the product and a glass of milk. The resulting product is taken daily for a month.

Baking soda improves blood circulation, which helps in enlarging the penis. Also, the product has a positive effect on sperm quality and sperm viability.

Soda solution helps not only to increase male dignity, but also to cleanse the body, prevent the formation of malignant tumors, normalize metabolism and lose excess body weight.


The intestines are the most important digestive organ. With problems in its activity, the supply to the genitals is disrupted. Therefore, it is believed that by clearing the intestines, better results in penis enlargement can be achieved.

For cleaning, microclists are made with a solution of solution. Prepare as follows: a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate is poured with a liter of warm, pre-boiled water. Give enema once a day. The course of therapy is 30 days.

Stretch baths

Another way to enlarge your penis with baking soda is to take alkaline baths. To do this, dissolve 500 g of soda product in 3 liters of water, then add to the bath. The water temperature should be comfortable for the body. It is recommended to take a bath no more than half an hour, and after finishing, use a contrast bath.

Baking soda baths help make your manhood thicker and longer. In addition, this method allows you to prevent the appearance of inflammation of the prostate gland and genitals, to rid the body of harmful substances.

soda bath recipe for penis enlargement

After the bath, you should take a contrast bath to restore normal blood circulation.

You can also prepare concentrated baths, in which you just have to sit. In this case, the soda content for male organ enlargement will be higher, so it is important that there is no damage to the skin of the penis. Otherwise, there will be an unpleasant burning sensation.


A good option for enlarging the penis with soda is to apply compresses. To do this, mix 10 tablespoons of the product with a liter of hot water. Then they take a strip of natural fabric, dip it in the solution and wrap it around the penis.

Leave the compress on for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

It is recommended to perform the procedure 3 times a day. Thanks to her, blood flow increases rapidly, which leads to lengthening and thickening of the male genital organ.


Penis enlargement with baking soda is also performed through massage. The procedure increases blood circulation, normalizes metabolic processes. All this has a beneficial effect on improving the dimensions of manhood.

The massage is performed as follows:

  1. Previously, the skin of the penis was warmed. To do this, you can use a towel soaked in hot water.
  2. Suck your hands a little and sprinkle with them a small amount of baking soda.
  3. The reproductive organ is massaged with light friction movements, moving from the base to the frenum.
  4. After the procedure, the soda product is washed with warm water.

Massage is recommended in the evening before going to bed. After the procedure, you should lie down for a while, let the body relax. The frequency of massage is 2 times a week.


To enlarge the penis, a special cleanser with soda is prepared. For this purpose, a mixture of water and food is made in a 1: 1 ratio. The result should be a particle. To increase the effect, to this mass are added a small spoon of liquid honey and a few drops of any essential oil that can stimulate blood circulation.

The water in this recipe can be completely replaced with vegetable oils. But just do not use a sunflower product. Thanks to them, in addition to enlarging the penis, it will be possible to improve the condition of the skin, accelerate tissue healing and prevent the development of inflammation.

To enlarge the penis, you need to place a scrub on its surface with a thin even layer and rub in a circular motion. It is recommended to perform the procedure no more than 3 times a week.


It is not possible for all men to perform penis enlargement with soda. There are some contraindications to its use.

The use of a soda product as an external agent is prohibited in the following cases:

  1. Presence of lesions on the skin of the penis.
  2. Individual intolerance to the substance.
  3. Genital pathology.

Oral soda consumption has the following contraindications:

  1. Chronic gastritis.
  2. Violation of stomach acidity.
  3. Peptic ulcer of the digestive organs.
  4. Allergic reaction.

Under no circumstances should you use expired soda. Therefore, it is important to be sure of its freshness. It is also important to pay attention to the color and aroma of the powder. If the shade is yellow, and the smell is unpleasant, then it is forbidden to use the product.

penis size after using baking soda

In some men, the penis in an erect state is less than 10 cm, with such a pathological condition, the use of soda will not give a result.

Other recipes for penis enlargement with baking soda

You can use honey, olive oil, and even menthol balm to enhance baking soda. Let’s look at similar recipes in more detail:

  1. Soda and olive oil. This unique blend has a dual effect: on the one hand, baking soda improves blood flow and on the other hand, the oil increases tissue elasticity. To take a medicine, you need to take 3 tablespoons of soda and olive oil, mixing them thoroughly. The ointment is rubbed into the penis with gentle movements.
  2. Soda balm and menthol. Since this balm contains a number of beneficial essential oils, it has a positive effect on the body, normalizing blood flow and helping to improve metabolic processes. To prepare the product, it is necessary to dissolve the soda in a small amount of water until a paste mixture is obtained, after which a balm the size of a matchstick should be added to each tablespoon of the composition. The resulting mass is applied to the perineum and penis. If a burning sensation occurs, the product should be washed immediately with cold water.
  3. Soda and honey for penis enlargement. When cooked properly, it is a very powerful product. To enlarge the penis with soda, you need to mix a teaspoon of soda with 0, 5 teaspoons of liquid honey. The finished product is applied to the penis for a few minutes, after which it should be washed with warm water.
  4. Soda and ginseng. This medicinal plant is often used to combat sexual dysfunction. The use of ginseng in combination with baking soda allows a really high therapeutic effect. The recipe for soda penis enlargement is prepared as follows: in a paste mixture obtained by diluting soda with a small amount of water, you should add fresh crushed ginseng root in a blender in 3: 1 proportions. Rub the oilin the penis and in the pubic area.

Negative effect on the body

Baking soda is a natural product, so its use is practically harmless. But you should not withdraw from the use of hydrocarbons. Otherwise, soda can harm the body.

The product, when used frequently in large doses, can cause damage to the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. This, in turn, can provoke the appearance of ulcers on the inner surface of the organs.

When soda combines with water, carbon dioxide is formed. As a result, taking a soda solution can lead to excessive gas formation and bloating.

What effect should be expected

Many men who want to enlarge their genitals are wondering what effect they can expect when using baking soda.

First, there is no need to hope for a miracle, because it is guaranteed to grow the penis only with a surgical method.

Soda-based recipes have more of a healing effect, which, however, can lead to a slight increase in penis size. Thus, the true enlargement of the penis with the help of soda is within 1-2 cm.

Opinions of specialists and men

Regarding the method of penis enlargement with the help of soda, you can find positive and negative opinions of doctors and patients themselves.

According to patients, this method of enlargement helps to make the male dignity 1 cm taller already one month after the first use. Opinions of doctors are divided, some are categorically against the use of soda, others support men in this. But all doctors and patients agree - a hobby for a soda product is fraught with negative health consequences.

The soda penis enlargement method is an effective method but requires special care when applied. If the procedures are performed correctly, the result will not be too late.