How to enlarge your penis

Penis enlargement with an extender

Many men are unhappy with the size of their penis. Doctors, however, say the main reasons are the inability to use the organ, the woman’s dissatisfaction with sex and stereotypes.

Today, there are many options for how you can enlarge your penis. Many people think that surgery alone will increase the length and thickness of the male penis, however, today, many alternative methods are used that allow to extend the male dignity at home. The main thing is to clearly weigh everything, to analyze how problematic the situation is really, if it is worth using any action to enlarge the male genital organ at all.

Average penis size and rates for a specific age

It should be noted that the exact concept of "norm" in penis size does not exist. But again, guided by statistical studies, some trends can be observed.
Penis growth begins at puberty at the age of 9 years. In a calm state (not elevated), the average values are as follows:

  • At the age of 10-12 years, the average size of the male genital organ is 4 cm. It grows by 0, 5-1 cm each year. Deviations from the norm can be within one and a half cm.
  • 13-15 years old - average length 5-6 cm.
  • 16-18 years old - average penis length 7-9 cm.

In an aroused state (erection), the average length of the male penis is:

  • 10-12 years - 9-10 cm;
  • from 13 to 15 years - the rate is 12-15 cm;
  • 16-18 years old - 13-16 cm.
  • from the age of 18, the length of the penis increases to a maximum, and subsequent changes are observed only in diameter.

Ways to enlarge your penis

Every day there are new ways to lengthen the male genitalia. The result can only be guaranteed when using surgical intervention.

Operations. This is the most radical option, not everyone dares to enlarge the genital organ with surgery. Of course, other methods of surgery are inferior, but its high price is beyond the reach of many. There are 2 types of surgical interventions:

  • Increase in length.
  • Obesity.

In the clinic, using local anesthesia, the penis can be enlarged up to 4 inches through surgery. This procedure is referred to as plastic and is called ligamentotomy. Phalloplasty is performed mainly in private clinics and urological centers.

Is It Possible To Increase Penis Length At Home?

Alternative methods of penis enlargement at home include physical exercises. These can be: massage, stretching, jelqing, masturbation, Kegel exercises, Aaron Kemmer exercises.

  1. Massage. The structure of the male genital organ includes spongy bodies, the stimulation of which by massage helps to increase blood flow in them, due to which they expand.
  2. Stretch. This method involves increasing the length of the penis by stretching, but at the same time there is the possibility of reducing the thickness.
  3. Jelqing. The essence of the technique resembles massage and its effectiveness is based on a similar mechanism of action. Jelqing can be performed in 3 versions: dry, wet, lubricated.
  4. Masturbation. If the goal of enlarging a boy's penis is 1-2 centimeters, regular masturbation will come to the rescue. The positive effect is associated with increased blood flow to the penis, which is the basis for most options for extending male dignity.
  5. Kegel Exercises. Exercises are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor diaphragm muscles. The main task of performing such exercises is to concentrate and identify these muscles. A man, to find the muscles of the pelvic diaphragm, should go to the toilet when there is little need, and during the process of urination, alternately stop and resume this process, trying to feel the muscles tense at the momentof prohibition.
  6. Exercises by Aaron Kemmer. This author has published a special book that shows how you can enlarge your penis.
  7. Using an extender. At home, you can enlarge your penis using an extender. They are of several types: vacuum, belt, loop. The use of extenders helps not only to increase the penis in width or length, but also to correct the curvature. The disadvantage of this method is that the use of the device is quite long in time and can last several hours a day. But the effect is very tangible and long lasting.
  8. Water pump. The essence of the vacuum pump extension method is to stimulate blood flow to the penis. The result remains in the smooth state of the penis, but the duration of the effect is not more than one day.
  9. Creams, ointments, gels. A cream or gel with a short-term effect will suit everyone - it contains an ingredient that causes an enlargement of the head and the penis itself. When choosing an oil for a long-term effect, it is necessary to consult a doctor. He will recommend the right makeup for you.

Baking soda

Soda costs a penny and is sold everywhere, so penis enlargement options with it are effective and inexpensive.

  • To prepare the compresses, mix baking soda with honey and place it along the entire length of the penis (except the head).
  • Baths - with their help, they improve the blood supply. The procedure is performed before sex, after having previously reached an erection.
  • Soda cleansing helps in enlarging the penis and is useful for preventing urological diseases. The procedure is performed after a hot shower, after which a moisturizer is applied to the penis.
  • Soda massage. Olive oil is applied to male dignity, then soda and massage is done using a soft sponge for 5 minutes. Then, after two minutes, rinse thoroughly.

Folk remedies for penis enlargement

Traditional medicine also offers many recipes for penis enlargement. Various herbs, baking soda and bee products have proven to be excellent.

In nature, there are no more than five% of members really small. Therefore, do not depend on length. Learn to use your instrument properly so that the woman does not remain indifferent.